What to expect

Your Session

  • The session will last for approximately 1 hour with a short consultation at the beginning and then a post treatment analysis to discuss anything you may have experienced during the healing.

  • The healing will take place with either you lying down on a couch, or seated on a chair. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

  • There is no requirement to remove any clothing, only your coat and shoes if you so wish.

  • I usually work with my hands around 6-12 inches off the body as it's not necessary to touch. I only touch the shoulders at the beginning of the session to attune to your energy and then again at the end to ground you.

  • Throughout the session you may feel an array of sensations from hot to cold, tingling, you may even feel waves of energy moving around your body, all of which are very safe. Even if you don't experience an energetic sensation as such, this is absolutely fine. All that matters is that you begin to see improvements in your life in the days and weeks thereafter the treatment.

Post Session

The healing energy will continue to work for many days and weeks post treatment.

With every session, the energy percolates deeper and like layers of an onion, it will strip away and erode through any debilitating energetic debris.

As the healing begins to unlock the subconscious, you may experience a heightened level of synchronicity in your daily life. As such, it's important to pay attention to your dreams and any random thoughts that suddenly appear. In fact, these are messages and signs to help propel you forward. It signals action that needs to be taken. It's the inherent code that's buried within, ready to surface and realign you with your true destiny.

When we live a life that's not congruent to who we really are, we become ill or our personal evolution impeded. Healing can help to reunite you with your true self.