About Rebel Alchemy

I guess i defy the stereotypical definition of a Healer, hence the name Rebel

(and no, that's not me in the picture).


I’m very passionate about making Healing a cooler and more accessible health care option.  One that's not solely confined to a set age or social demographic.

Healing can aid with an array of illness' and as such should be available to everyone. 

It shouldn't be shrouded in mysticism nor buried within a clique. Unsurprisingly, most people are unaware of the transformative benefits that healing can bring to their lives.    

As it's not a tangible medium, it's not something that's readily understood and therefore it's important to deliver Healing in a way that resonates on a street level without causing alienation.

As an Energy Healer i work on balancing the Chakras and Auric field. The focus is on restoring good health by clearing away negative influences, dissipating blockages and breaking repetitive cycles that impede progression. 

By awakening the subconscious, I can aid in realigning you with your soul purpose and helping you achieve your true destiny.

I am a CNHC registered Healer and accredited by the British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA). I provide a confidential and relaxed treatment from my practice in Central London.

Please email me for more information. 

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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£80 Central London - £50 Distant Healing

Sessions are for 1 Hour

* £30 cancellation fee applicable if less than 24 Hours notice *

Distant Healing

I know it sounds bonkers but trust me with this one!    

Distant Healing works in exactly the same way as contact healing (when you're here with me in person). I normally work with a photo of the Client and channel the energy using the same method. The beauty is, there's no reduction in effectivity. Distant Healing is just as powerful as a regular healing session and can be used when a Client may be too sick to travel or is located in a different city or country.


Please message me for all booking enquiries.

CNHC Registered Healer