What is Healing?

Healing is a transfer of energy. 

It’s the energy that surrounds us in the Universe. Everything in the world is made up of energy and everything is constantly vibrating, even a solid object. We as humans are energy beings. 

As a Healer, i attune to the universal energy by first raising my vibration via meditation, then channeling this energy into you, the Client.

I work using the Chakra system. We have 7 major Chakras in the body. The Chakra’s are our energy points connecting us to the energy in the Universe. Each of the 7 Chakras are associated with our major organs/bodily functions. 

When a Chakra is deficient or excessive, it causes physical or psychological illnesses.  Our Chakras also act as hard drives, storing and retaining trauma from childhood upwards, which can later manifest as illness within the body or behavioural issues.

What's the purpose of Healing?

Throughout our lives we're taught the importance of bodily cleanliness. We would never dream of leaving the house without having a shower in the morning, however little (or no) regard is given to our Spiritual bodies.

We are like sponges. We absorb a plethora of negativity as we go about our daily routines whether it's debris from the environment or negativity from other people. In the same way that the physical body needs to be cleansed, so does the spiritual body. 

As an example, when a toxic person walks into the room, you feel it. Some people have an innate ability to drain you with minimal effort. It's the energy they exude and for the unsuspecting, that toxicity gets soaked up like a sponge. In particular, if we work in a challenging environment, it won't take long before stress and anxiety eventually start to accumulate.

The negativity that we absorb then becomes energetically stuck in our bodies causing adverse effects to our progression and wellbeing.  

Principally, the main conductor for illness is our emotions. Our emotions have a colossal impact on our health. When we harbour negative feelings over a prolonged period of time such as; fear, anger, grief, stress, resentment, depression etc; this will only reside in the body, manifesting as sickness at a later stage. 

Negative energies will not purge themselves independently, they will only exacerbate over time thus causing harm to the individual. A regime needs to be established whereby cleansing of the spiritual body will neutralise and protect against malefic energies taking set.

Healing serves as a dual purpose, it can be used as a preventative measure or in an antidotal capacity when an illness is already present. Unlike other therapies which only treat the symptoms, Healing penetrates straight to the root cause of the problem and helps to recede the condition be it psychological or physical.